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Wed. May 30th 2018
Hurricane Season starts June 1.
Wed. Mar 28th 2018
Just a friendly reminder, possession and/or discharge of fireworks are prohibited in the City Limits of Jamaica Beach. This includes along the beachfront as well between the State Park and the West e...
Wed. Mar 28th 2018
Fires must be in an approved container that has a lid (ie. firepit or grill)Open fires on the sand or even in a hole in the sand are forbidden as this may lead to fires in the dunes and the coals may ...
Wed. Mar 28th 2018
Snakes in the dunes. Please keep away from the dunes, especially children and pets. Hibernating season for snakes has ended and there have already been reports of snake sightings on the west end.
Robert Wilson
Robert  Wilson
Years of Service
Less than 1 year

Job Training

CDL class A driver w/hazmat-tanker endorsement
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Terrorism Awareness for First Responsers
FEMA NISM Incident Command 100,200,700,800
TEEX Texas AM Fire Phase 1


Robert Wilson, 44, born in Corpus Christi TX, engaged to Teresa Milton from Canada was a 911 dispatcher turned PTSD educator. Ive been a volunteer firefighter going on 27 years now with a few different departments in various places with different environments and have experienced very much different scenario. Ive been through EMS training several times, been to college one of those times to better myself in saving peoples lives. Im more street smart then putting it on paper. Im one to be more by your side getting my hands dirty then just sitting back watching you do all the work. Im Involved.

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