Wednesday, May 30th, 2018
Hurricane Season starts June 1.
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
Just a friendly reminder, possession and/or discharge of fireworks are prohibited in the City Limits of Jamaica Beach. This includes along the beachfront as well between the State Park and the West e...
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
Fires must be in an approved container that has a lid (ie. firepit or grill)Open fires on the sand or even in a hole in the sand are forbidden as this may lead to fires in the dunes and the coals may ...
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
Snakes in the dunes. Please keep away from the dunes, especially children and pets. Hibernating season for snakes has ended and there have already been reports of snake sightings on the west end.
Kroger Card

Register your Kroger Card to Help JBVFD

1.  Create an account at

2.  Register your card to your account

3.  Go to “My Account”

4.  Select the “Account Settings” tab

5.  Select “Community Rewards” tab

6.  Select “Edit Community Rewards Program Information”

7.  Enter your rewards #, last name, and zip code and save

8.  Enter your contact information and save

9.  Select your organization and save.  Jamaica Beach Volunteer Fire Department’s number is WD603.


To verify you have enrolled correctly, you will see JBVFD on the right side of the information page.


Kroger will then send us a donation based on your purchases each month.

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